About us

Chatonnade is a collective revolving around self-positivity. For us, being self-positive means considering all human needs in a positive, non-shaming fashion. As a collective, we work on creating spaces where one can feel safe to express oneself in a way that feels right for the moment.

The collective organizes themed workshops, night-long events and retreats on topics such as sexuality, authenticity, connection, communication… Chatonnade events draw inspiration from polyamoury, tantra, BDSM, conscious kink, sacred sexuality, the hippie movement, burns (Nowhere, Burning Man) and principles of empathic communication such as Marshal Rosenberg’s Non Violent Communication.

Chatonnade’s mission is to support organizers from all backgrounds in creating events fostering self-positivity. We wish to contribute to a world where:

  • we, as humans, have educated ourselves to better relate with both others and our inner selves;
  • events where every aspects of human life can be fulfilled are available to everyone.