It is now mandatory to register and subscribe in order to participate in the Chatonnade events.

We have set our goal to offer events and education on the self-positive.

To us, being self-positive means valuing all human needs without shame, including sexuality.

Chatonnade will rely primarily on subscription fees to cover its costs.

Your subscription will:

  • allow you to participate in the Chatonnade events;
  • help support the association financially;
  • allow you to become a member of the association organizing the Chatonnade events.

It will not:

  • ensure a selection by default for participation in an event. This will be determined independently by the organizers of the event;
  • allow you to take part to and to vote at the general assemblies of the association.

You can start your registration by filling out this form (in french). You will then receive an email with the subscription details.

Join the team

We are a group of people working together to bring the self-positive to the world. If you wish to become part of the team, please contact us through one of the following: