Chatonnade events

Chatonnade offers a platform for members of our team to organize a variety of events, following a set of guidelines. Each event is managed independently. The organizers are free to set rules regarding participation.

Horizontal Party

Horizontal parties are all-night long events dedicated to personal & interpersonal connection and exploration. We hold horizontal parties during the evening on a regular basis in Paris.

The evening will be structured as follows:

  • talking circle & rules;
  • practice of consent & connexion exercices;
  • open evening.


Workshops are events with a fixed duration, typically 3 hours. They are NOT all-night-long events.

Workshops will have an opening circle and a closing circle.

Fabulous Fabulosities Retreat

Fabulous Fabulosities retreats span over several days. As for any Chatonnade events, the goal is to create a welcoming space in which all aspects of the self can be taken cared of. We wish to bring about a positive athmosphere which allows for deep and authentic connections to happen in an organic and consensual way.

Keep in mind that everything is allowed and nothing is mandatory.
There is NO expectations as to what should happen during the retreat.

You can dance, meditate, talk, cook, read, massage or get massaged, play, laugh, get naked or dress as you wish, express yourself through creativity, emotional sharing, sexuality or any other way, enjoy the silence, question social norms or take care of yourself in any way that is fulfilling to you.

Come and celebrate your powerful ability to be alive and to decide what is right for you!

Chatonnade get-together

Chatonnade get-togethers are public events openned to everyone. They offer a space to come, share and exchange together. This is an opportunity for anyone with questions about the organization, events and/or prospect to participate to come and meet and discuss with us.

You’d like to meet other members of the sex+ community? Or get involved in project management and organization? Or simply curious about Chatonnade? These events are the perfect place to get started!

Come and join us!x